Top 5 Italian Reds from Waitrose Spring Collection 2011

As with the Italian white wines at Waitrose Spring Tasting 2011, the red wines are judged on my working idea of bella figura. Nearly all the wines at Waitrose are technically good, but what Italian reds can you find here that transcend the mundane and show individual style and a little extra flourish?  Read More »

New Italian wines at The Wine Society: bella figura!

The concept of ‘bella figura’ or good image is important to Italians. Bella figura is more than dressing well. It extends to the aura you project too – i.e. confidence, style, demeanour, etc. (From Italy – Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette)

The Wine Society UK has found its Members wines that not only speak of the place but also have an extra flourish of bella figura. You’ll find nearly all of The Wine Society’s Italian wines for Spring have personality and speak of its place and history; in particular, the white wines. At these prices, and in these quantities, that is quite an achievement. Here is the line up for Spring:  Read More »

New Italian Wine range at Marks & Spencer

“What is it? Why does he have to shout? Why!” The Queen turned to say to noone in particular at the G20 Conference in 2009. The collective groan could be heard all the way from Italy after President Berlusconi shouted across The Throne Room in Buckingham Palace to introduce himself to the new US President Obbammmmaaa.

Which brings me to the Marks & Spencer Spring Tasting. One word came to me while walking away: Read More »

How to buy an Italian wine in a supermarket (just from the label)

Ciao Ragazzi,

A friend asked me a very good question: How do I choose an Italian wine when I am in a supermarket if I have never tasted it before? Here I give a very basic guide to Italian Wine Labels and some of the difficulties you may encounter… tasting a white wine from Umbria called an Orvieto that I picked off the shelf yesterday in Marks & Spencer.


Juel x

Ps. Chianti and Valpolicella are regions, Orvieto and Montalcino are towns 😉