February 2011 archives

The Territory is Not The Map – Italian Wine and Social Media

In photo: Laura Gray and Marco (Il Palazzone), Chiara and Christiano (Cascina Gilli, Piedmont), Vittorio (tirebouchon), Susanna Crociani (Crociani, Montepulciano – holding bottle), Tartetartin. This year commemorates 150 years of Italian Unification. Before 1861, Italy was a collection of kingdoms rather than a modern idea of a nation. Perhaps it still is.

Letters from Montalcino: appeals on proposed changes to Rosso di Montalcino

The Brunello di Montalcio producers are meeting to vote and decide whether to change the law: to allow Rosso di Montalcino to become a blended wine, like other wines in Tuscany, (and in other parts of the world) or to remain as 100% Sangiovese. What do producers see as the problem with changing Rosso di […]

“What wine should I drink to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Rabbit?” 恭喜发财

This is the question I am sure to be asked this weekend for Chinese New Year! What I love about Chinese New Year is that is all about food and prosperity. So what better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Yin Metal Rabbit than with a wine called The Rabbit (“La Lepre” […]