The One That Got Away

This wine had the place smelling like Christmas for a week.
Can I give you a tasting note from broken bottle? At around £120 – £140 per bottle, I have to at least try… I was down on my hands and knees licking the floor. Risking shards of glass in my tongue just to have a taste.
Excellent colour for a Barolo, pale rose colour, it hardly stained the floor… Spice and pine, leather, cinnamon and cloves, if only Gaja could make a “2004 Conteisa Room Deodoriser”. A very expensive way to give a place ambience, but I am sure it would be a great success: everyone commented how wonderful the place smelled.
Dear reader, I cried.
What would you do??
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  1. Inside IWM says:

    My goodness, that picture is worth a thousand sad words. I’m so sorry.

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