About Me

Welcome to my Italian wine website, Vinissima. 

Vinissima was conceived to provide information about Italian wine for wine lovers in the UK. While there are some very good Italian wine websites out there, I found it difficult to find information about Italian wine from a UK perspective.

My experience as a wine merchant in the UK, as well as with winemakers in Australia, puts me in a position to understand italian wine from both a trade and producer perspective with the ability to communicate the difference. Over the years I have developed good connections with winemakers, wine trade and customers through a shared love of Italian wine.

I have written articles for Bibendum Times, Harpers Wine & Spirit Magazine, TimAtkin.com and Decanter Magazine. I am currently writing a book on wines from Italy. I attend between 5-10 trade tastings per week in London and abroad.

What makes Vinissima is the conversations between Italy and UK winelovers. I’d love to hear from you here with your comments or join me on twitter.

If you are interested in my general reflections about wine, please visit my original website, since 2007, Wine Woman & Song.


Juel Mahoney

Piazza Navona

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